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Christensen's Auction

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Ron Olson Estate - Lynda Olson Owner

Christensen’s Auction

Saturday, September 25 9:00 A.M. Lunch by B.J.’s Barbecue

Located from Unity, WI: 4 miles East on CTH P to Frey Ave., then 3/4 mile South on Frey Ave.

Note: Ron was very well known for going to auctions and has accumulated an extremely large collection of older tractors and farm implements. We will be selling in 2 rings for a portion of the day. Because of the large amount and variety of machinery to be sold, this is one auction that if you need more information, it is best to go look for yourself. Items will be available for inspection on Wed., Sept. 22 through Friday, Sept. 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Over 200 Tractors Selling: At the time of advertising deadline, approx. 25 percent of the tractors are in running order with a large portion needing minor work and the balance for parts or salvage.
JD: 8440 4x4 articulating diesel w/cab, quad range trans., re-manned 50 Series motor, dual hyd., quick hitch & 30.5x32 tires; 440 Industrial gas w/loader; 4020 Turbo diesel w/cab; 820 diesel w/wide front , pony motor, pto & dual hyd. (#8200081); 720 diesel w/narrow front & power steering; BR gas w/wide front; A unstyled gas w/narrow front (469643); A gas w/narrow front (489138 – 2 sp. w/Behlen road gear); A gas w/narrow front & 3 pt.; B gas w/narrow front; B gas w/mnt. cultivator; (2) AR gas w/wide fronts; 60 gas w/roll-o-matic front & power steering; 60 gas w/narrow front & new rubber; 50 gas w/narrow front; R gas w/wide front; B gas w/narrow front; H gas w/narrow front; H gas (salvage); B gas (salvage); (2) A gas (salvage)
IH: 4366 4x4 articulating diesel (drawbar); 4166 diesel w/cab, 3 pt. & pto; 660 Turbo diesel; 1486 2WD diesel w/cab, dual hyd. & pto; wide front (smaller framed);
Farmall: (10) H gas w/narrow fronts; H gas w/wide front; F-20 gas; F-20 gas w/narrow front & pto; Regular gas w/narrow front; (2) 400 gas w/narrow fronts; (2) 706 diesel w/narrow fronts; M gas w/MW 9 sp. trans.; (5) M gas w/narrow fronts; M diesel w/narrow front; 656 gas w/narrow front (drawbar); 656 gas w/narrow front; (2) C gas w/narrow fronts; 200 gas w/fast hitch & narrow front; 460 gas w/narrow front & drawbar; 450 gas w/narrow front & 3 pt.; 1939 H gas w/narrow front; MD diesel w/wide front; 400 diesel w/wide front; B gas w/wide front; B gas w/narrow front; A gas w/wide front; (2) F-12 gas (1 w/steel); A unstyled; H gas w/narrow front (parts); several M’s for salvage; F12 gas (salvage), F-20 gas (salvage)
McCormick Deering: (2) 1020 gas w/wide fronts; 1530 gas w/wide front; F-20 gas w/narrow front; F-20 gas w/36” rear tires; F-20 gas w/narrow front & cultivator; F12 gas on steel; Super A gas w/wide front & mount cultivator; W9 gas w/wide front;
White: 2-180 2WD diesel w/cab, 20.8x38 rears & hub duals (shows 2,200 hrs.); 2-105 2WD diesel w/cab; 2-105 open station diesel; 2-105 diesel (runs – fire damaged);
Ford: 8530 FWD diesel w/cab & new rubber; 7700 2WD diesel tractor w/cab & 18.4x34 rears; 1939 9N gas utility; 2N gas utility; 8N gas utility; 600 Commander diesel
Oliver: 1900-A Series Western type diesel w/3 pt. & pto; 1850 FWD diesel open station w/540 & 1000 pto; 1850 diesel w/cab & over-under trans.; 1850 diesel w/cab & off-set shift lever; 1800 A series gas w/narrow front; 1800-A series w/wide front; 1850 gas w/cab; 1800-C series diesel w/wide front; 1650 diesel w/wide front; 880 diesel w/wide front; 880 LP w/wide front; Super 88 diesel w/narrow front & power steering; Super 88 gas w/narrow front; 88 diesel w/wide front; 88 gas w/narrow front; 88 diesel w/narrow front & 12-38 clamp duals; 88 Fleetline gas w/narrow front; 88 gas w/wide front & Paulson loader; 1650 gas w/wide front; 770 gas w/hi-lo trans. & Wheatland front end; 70 industrial gas w/alum. hood & hyd. loader; (5) 77 gas w/narrow fronts; 77 gas w/narrow front & factory power steering; 77 gas w/wide front; (2) 70 gas w/narrow fronts; 66 gas w/narrow front; 60 gas (salvage)
Case: 2670 4x4 diesel w/cab, 3 pt. & quick hitch (needs motor work); 1835 B gas skid steer; 830 gas w/wide front; 930 Wheatland diesel w/wide front; 930 diesel w/wide front (hand clutch); 530B gas industrial w/front loader & backhoe attachment; 1030 diesel w/cab; LA-LP w/wide front; LA gas w/wide front; (4) DC gas w/2 narrow & 2 wide fronts; D w/wide front; DC LP w/narrow front; 400 gas w/wide front & eagle hitch; 400 diesel w/narrow front; SC gas w/foot clutch, live hyd., pto & eagle hitch; (3) SC gas w/narrow fronts; RC gas w/single front wheel; VAC gas w/narrow front; SI gas w/wide front; 1928 L gas; VAC gas (salvage); VA gas (salvage)
Fordson: Irish gas w/wide front
Cockshutt: 30 gas w/wide front (parts); 40 gas w/narrow front; 40 gas (salvage)
Allis Chalmers: WC unstyled gas; (2) WC styled gas w/narrow fronts; C gas w/narrow front; C gas w/mount sickle mower; C gas w/Woods belly mount mower; WF gas w/loader; D gas w/narrow front; (3) WD gas w/wide fronts; C gas (ginseng); 190 gas w/cab; D-14 gas w/wide front; D-17 gas w/wide front; D-19 gas w/wide front; (2) WD-45 gas w/narrow fronts; WD-45 diesel w/narrow front; WD 45 gas w/wide front; WC unstyled parts tractor; CA gas w/wide front;
MM: M670 diesel open station w/3 sp. trans.; 670 LP w/wide front; 602 diesel w/wide front; (3) R gas w/narrow fronts; (3) U gas w/narrow fronts; U gas; Jetstar gas w/wide front; (2) Z gas w/narrow fronts; ZB gas (salvage); M5 diesel w/wide front
Same: Saturno 80 FWD diesel;
Kubota: B6100 diesel 4x4 compact tractor;
Ferguson: TO-30 gas utility;
MF: 1080 diesel w/wide front;
MH: 22 gas w/loader; 44-6 gas w/wide front; gas w/wide front on steel; 44 Standard gas w/wide front; (2) 30 gas w/narrow fronts
Co-op: E-4 gas w/narrow front; E-3 gas w/narrow front; 30 gas (salvage);
Hefty: F gas utility
Twin City: KTA gas on steel
Asst. of small gas salvage tractors (Case, AC, Oliver, JD, etc.)

Hay & Forage: NH 68 hay baler w/slide; NH 269 hay baler w/thrower; JD 14T hay baler w/slide; Gehl 2230 12’ hydro-swing haybine; (4) Hesston 1014 12’ hydro-swing haybines; Hesston 1909 & 1091 9’ haybines; Hesston PT-7 7’ haybine; Vicon 10’ KM321 disc-bine; (2) NI hay crimpers; MC (2) 9’ & (2) 7’ rotary scythes; NH 16’ SF chopper box w/Kory 12 tn. tandem gear; NI 5 bar side rake; NH 256 side rake; NI 402 side rake; Farmhand 5 wheel rake; Farmhand 5 wheel side rake; Case 5 bar side rake; JD 693 4 bar side rake; JD 4 bar side rake on steel; (2) JD 640 4 bar side rakes (1 w/dolly wheel); misc. hay rakes on steel; Fox Max II 4x4 hydro SP chopper w/3 row corn head (8 knife); Deutz-Fahr 3 pt. chopper w/corn head; Gehl 1060 chopper w/7’ hay head; Gehl 860 chopper w/hay head; Gehl 800 chopper w/2 row adj. corn head; JD #6 chopper w/1 row corn head; (2) Hesston 2000-100 choppers (no heads); Hesston 7150 chopper w/hay head; Fox SPF gas self-propelled chopper w/2 row wide corn head; Fox Super D gas self-propelled chopper w/cab & 2 row corn head; Fox Super 1000 chopper w/hay head; NH 717 chopper w/hay head; Gehl 14’ WF chopper box w/Kory 10 tn. gear; Kasten 14’ steel chopper box w/Kory 12 tn. tandem gear; (2) 9’x18’ steel bale throw racks w/8 tn. gears; old Meyers chopper box w/Minn. 10 tn. gear; Gehl 14’ open top chopper box w/Kory 8 tn. gear; old Meyers chopper box w/Kory 10 tn. gear; 2 Kools 54 blowers; NI 7’ cut-ditioner; Allied 50’ hay & grain elevator; Allied 30’ hay elevator w/transport; Smalley 40’ hay & grain elevator; old JD cross chamber wire tie hay baler;
Planting & Tillage: JD 726 18’ tandem soil finisher w/rear 5 bar spike tooth harrow (very good hyd. depth control); IH 510 12’ D.D. grain drill (no grass); (2) IH 400 6 row narrow corn planters w/liquid fert.; IH Cyclo 400 6 row narrow corn planter (all redone); IH 6 row narrow corn planter; IH 400 6 row hyd. drive corn planter; Miller 12’ off set disk; Hutch Master 13’ tandem wheel disk; IH 480 18’ manual fold disk; IH 470 16’ manual fold wheel disk; IH 470 24’ hyd-fold wing disk; MF 18’ manual fold disk; MF 18’ manual wing-fold disk; JD 16’ manual wing fold disk; JD 210 15’ wheel disk; AC off-set disk; Krause 12’ & 11’ disks; Case wheel disks (2-13’, 11’ & 9’); Case 13’ & 10’ disk; Dunham Lehr 13’ cultimulcher (newer bearings); Brillion 22’ Danish tooth drag; Pittsburg 16’ spring tooth cart drag; 24’ spring tooth cart drag; 3 pt. 12’ Danish tooth drag; Koval 18’ pony drag; 16’ wheel drag; Glencoe 9 shank hi-clear chisel plow; Gram-Home 7 shank chisel plow; AC 2 btm. 2 way snap coupler plow; AC 2 btm. trailer plow on steel; Ford 3x16 roll-over plow #145; Ford 5x16 semi-mount plow; Case 3x16 3 pt. plow; White 449 6x18 SAR on land hitch plow; White 508 3x16 SAR semi-mount plow; Oliver 548 6x18 SAR semi-mount plow; Oliver 4x16 #546 SAR trailer plow; Oliver #4240 3x16 hyd. lift trailer plow; JD 3x14 trailer plow; IH #70 4x14 trailer plow; MM 3x16 trailer plow; MM 5x16 and 4x16 semi-mount plows; 4x16 3 pt. plow; Oliver 4x18 #548 SAR semi-mount plow (all redone); IH 510 4x16 semi-mount plow; Ford 151 5x14 semi-mount plow; 2 btm. trailer plow; lg. asst. of trailer plows (on rubber & steel); old IH 1 btm. breaker plow; Brady 20’ & 18’ wing fold diggers; Brady 16’ 3 pt. field digger; IH #45 vibra-shank 16’ & 13’ field diggers; Lely Roterra 9 ½’ 3 pt. pto field digger; 20’ field digger w/transport; JD 8’ quack digger; 3 old 8’ quack diggers; (4) JD 400 15’ rotary hoes; IH 300 15’ rotary hoe; MF 33 10’ S.D. grain drill w/rear grass; older 8’ grain drill on steel; small pto dump box; Lilliston 6 row narrow rolling cultivator; JD 6 row narrow cultivator; JD 2 row mounted cultivator; 4 row Danish tine cultivator; IH Mod. 78 4 row wide front mount cultivator; 6 row 3 pt. cultivator; misc. JD cultivators; 18’ 3 section cultipacker; 13’ 3 section cultipacker;
General Farm: JD 6620 Titan II FWD diesel combine w/cab & 2,794 engine hrs.; JD 215 15’ grain head; JD 7720 2WD diesel combine w/cab; JD 643 6 row narrow corn head; JD 12’ grain head; JD 635N 6 row corn head; JD 220 20’ grain head w/head cart; JD 213 13’ grain head; JD 13’ rigid grain head; JD 95 gas SP combine w/cab & 335 3 row narrow corn head; JD 55 gas SP combine w/cab & 12’ rigid grain head; (2) JD 105 gas combines w/cabs; JD 105 gas combine w/13’ grain head; JD 45 gas combine w/cab; (2) JD gas combines w/hay heads & 4 row corn heads; JD 45 gas combine (no motor); Hinson 812 400 bu. grain buggy; Killbros #800 grain buggy; M&W Little Red Wg. 300 bu. gravity box w/12 tn. gear; (13) 160 bu. gravity boxes w/running gears (mostly J&M); (9) 180 bu. gravity boxes w/10 tn. gears (Bushnell, Killbros, Kasten, etc.); Meyers 300 single axle V style manure spreader; Knight 125 bu. manure spreader; old Starline Slinger manure spreader; JD 450 hydro-push manure spreader; NI Uni-System 722 sheller unit; NI 702 V-6 gas uni-system w/3 row corn head-super picker (blown motor); NI 705 diesel uni-system w/3 row narrow super picker; NI 767 uni-chopper unit w/3 row 768 W/N corn head; NI 702 diesel Uni-System power unit; 4 row narrow Uni-system corn head; 2 row wide #720 Uni-System head; Uni-System 34” corn head; MM Moline Mule Uni-system power unit; JD 435W 4 row wide corn head; 2 Kools 2000 grinder blowers; other misc. blowers; Brady 835 grinder/mixer; Westondorf WL-42 all hyd. quick attach loader w/quick attach mat. bucket; Westondorf quick attach hyd. loader w/mat. bucket; Bear Cat 950 mixer-mill; Bear Cat 540 pto roller mill; Bear Cat pto roller mill; Bear Cat port. grinder mill w/load auger; Peerless roller/mixer mill; 2 older Peerless roller mills; misc. Fox chopper heads (flail, corn, & hay); Loftness 15’ stalk chopper; Bear Cat flail chopper; Hagic Hi-Boy vari-speed self-propelled sprayer w/40’ booms; Hardi 500 gal. X fold field sprayer; 2 bat rock picker; Harley 10’ rock rake; GT 6”x60’ grain auger w/transport; 80 bu. grain auger w/wg.; 125 bu. grain auger box; Heider 150 bu. grain auger box; Knoelder 125 bu. grain auger box; 14’ wooden dump box w/JD gear; 2 Farmhand feeder wgs. w/NH gear; Gehl feeder wg.; flat hay rack w/Gehl gear; Kelly Ryan feeder wg. (poor apron); Ind. America 10’ box blade (new); NI 324 2 row wide corn picker w/grinder attachment; (2) NI 325 2 row narrow corn pickers (1 w/8 roll husking bed); NI 325 2 row narrow corn picker w/sheller attachment; Knoweles 20’x6” feed conveyor w/transport; 40’x8” grain auger w/transport; 32’ x6” grain auger w/transport; 30’x6” grain auger; 26’x8” grain auger w/transport; gravity box w/hyd. auger (salvage); (3) 10 tn. & (2) 8 tn. Kory running gears; Forage King & Knoweles 8 tn. running gears; Knoweles & Farmhand 6 tn. running gears; Kasten 12 tn. tandem running gear; misc. light IH running gears; NH 7 tn. running gear; 4 smaller gravity boxes w/gears (rough); older 18’ 5th wheel horse trailer w/attached living quarters; old Gehl long hopper blower; small M-C gas grain dryer; 600 gal. S.S. pasture water wagon; Gehl 800 recutter w/screens; Hustler grinder/blower; Farmrite field sprayer, Oliver 415 7’ pull type sickle mower; 5 horse drawn sickle mowers; 3 JD sickle mowers; NI pull type sickle mower; asst. of sickle mowers (JD, AC, MH, etc.); 2 IH sickle mowers on steel; Minn. sickle mower on steel;
Misc.: approx. 20’x36’ steel U shaped shed (new); misc. Oliver front shields; Oliver gas tanks; 8’ 3 pt. back blade; 2 walking plows; asst. pto shafts; barbed wire; several sets of duals (various sizes); misc. parts tractors; misc. Oliver & small Case salvage tractors; MM 4x4 frame & axel; misc. JD, Oliver, MM shield & misc.; Swisher 4’ pull behind gas lawn mower; Land Pride 3 pt. pto finish mower; King Kutter 6’ 3 pt. rotary mower; King Kutter 7’ 3 pt. back blade; old Standard 6’ gas pump; Dakon trac eliminator; AC snowblower; push lawn mowers; shelving; asst. of treated lumber; 12’ S.S. water trough (bracket style); 2 sheep oilers; 2 open front chopper boxes full of misc. parts; asst. of Van Dale silo unloader parts; 2 wire corn cribs (taken down), new 4”x6” treated stringers; asst. tires & rims; misc. tractor wide fronts; Van-Husur 3 pt. post digger; 2 JD 400 snowmobiles; steel gates, wire panels; small Butler grain bin (approx. 18 sections – taken down); very lg. asst. of wheel, suitcase & plate weights (AC, Oliver, MM, MH, JD, Ford, Case, etc.); old MF Ski-Whiz snowmobile; old JD Spitfire 340 snowmobile; steel fence posts; lg. asst. of disk blades, rolls of barbed wire; very lg. asst. of hub duals (18.4x38, 18.4x34, etc.); lg. asst. of clamp on duals, misc. tractor & implement tires, misc. steel wheels, some misc. riding lawn mowers; new ROP protection for IH 706 & up
Vehicles: 1995 Ford F-150 2WD ext. cab pickup truck w/5 sp. manual trans.; 1989 F-250 2WD Reg cab pickup truck w/5 sp. manual trans.; 1992 Ford Ranger ext. cab 2WD pickup truck w/5 sp. manual trans.; 2002 Chevy Tahoe LS 4WD w/235,000 mi.; old Chevy farm truck (approx. 1950’s);

Ron Olson Estate – Lynda Olson, Owner
217219 North Frey Ave., Unity, WI

Terms: All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or check. If credit is desired, contact Christensen Sales Corp. prior to sale day.

Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI – Clerk & Sales Managers
(715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33
Terms: All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or check. If credit is desired, contact Christensen Sales Corp. prior to sale day.

Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI – Clerk & Sales Managers
(715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33

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